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free grant information for single mothers

knucklehead started this conversation

I have been researching for about 6 months now for free grant information to help with buying a house for single mothers and any other grants that I might be able to get.  I have 2 children and have currently relocated to Oregon to get away from a domestic violence relationship.  I have even paid to get information but that was no help at all.  If anyone could please refer me to places that would be great.  I am currently staying with family because i have no income, no transportation and no house for my family

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If anyone knows of any free grants to go to school please let me know. I am a single mother and im trying to further my education. In Event Management
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If anyone knows of a program that helps with dentures? Im single mom, recovering addict, doing the best I can..
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 in response to aloneandbroken...   Oh its can telephone a single parents line.
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 in response to aloneandbroken...   It would help if i knew what country you're in. x
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My exhusband left me and my four girls in the year 2000 not long after i had my baby. I have been working for the government for 15 years now. He had never worked i was the only one supporting my family. I found out when he left us that his girlfriend was pregnant. I moved here to Las Vegas with my children got a job transfer. The year 2007, he came to Las Vegas and took my girls and we had a verbal agreement that he will return them to Las Vegas but never did. A month later he went and applied for welfare in California and married his lover and now the state of California put me on child support. My second oldest daughter came back to live with me and i can hardly support her because of my child support. They are taking 80% of my wages every paycheck. I am struggling and trying to get help.
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 in response to Athena...   hello I'm writing to you about ny sister she is going through ruf time she was wrking for past years and suporting her and her doughter and the looser of a husband he got a job good paying job and now she had to leave her job because was hard for her to pick up her doughter from pree kindergarden and now that she left he is not suporting her he is mentally abusive and phizicall (he was abusive for all 5 yaears but she stayded for the sake of her doughter )but now she have to leave but she doesint have money to do so and i my self live from paychek to paychek so i really can't help her finacially please let me know if there are any options for her i know she will find a job she just need a help wit the apartament and food stomps in the begining she was working allways and she is a hard and smart worker just now she is in that deep dark cloud and she doesn't knoe what to do please help

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 in response to Athena...   She obvious is capable of obtaining her own shelter... so no thas not the answer to her question Ohio native...
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In the area where I live, there are shelters for women that offer a very safe environment for single mothers & children. They will give you about 90 days to stay there. Maybe there is a place like this in your area. Mental abuse is definately a form of abuse, as well as emotional, physical, sexual, and even financial abuse. I have 2 children and I know that this would be difficult but it's really just taking that first step and getting free that's the hard part. After you do, you feel lighter and begin to slowly gain back the you that has gradually been taken away since you met this person. You can do this. Search for resources. We have this *211 number that wecan call in my area and it is a hotline for local resources of almost any kind.
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I am a single mother to 3 children and i'm unemployed but going to college fulltime. I am in need of assistance for help with bills. I currently get food stamps and TANF but it is only $130 a month. I go to school an hour away and have a hard time trying to get gas. If someone could please help me find the resources to help me out with this, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much!!
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I want to relocate from my husband and be on my own. After years of mental abuse and low self esteem I am ready to make a clean break. I have called so many places to get help but come up short everytime. I can't go on like this. what programs are out there for a mother of 3 who wants to move but can't?
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i am a20yr old expecting my first child i am looking for free grant information i am currently living with family with no income or transportation i do not get any help from the dad an im moving to illinois if anyone has any information please contact me at
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I completely understand. I feel as though we shouldn't be charged to get the free information and take it out of the grant money if they planned on giving it to us.
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Single Mother needs help
I am a 27 year old single mother of a 3 year girl and 7 1/2 months pregnant with a little boy. I am a real estate agent and have had no luck in the business for the past 3 years leaving me with odd jobs, now that i am so close to having my baby i am currently unemployed until the baby arrives. My mom has been kind enough to allow us to live with her, however we are in dire need of our own place. I do have a mortgaged house that is in my name, my ex fiance was living in and trying to remodel but he has abandoned the house and is no longer paying the mortgage. he also left the house unlivable with so many unfinished projects. I would use any money i could get for grants to finish the house and pay the mortgage down so as i would have a home for my kids to grow up. I really do not want to lose the home but at this point it is beyond my control with out help. Please consider my situation
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I am a single mother too, but I have only one child he is a teenager. I recently was laid off my job and Im out looking for anything just to pay my bills for now. But I too am looking for help on the grants for single moms to assist us in buying our firts home. there are far to many of us for them not want to help us, anyone w info that would help please conatct me. my email is thank you ladies..

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red lady

i just found a home for 35k and i have 4000 to go towards it . i have experience to rebuild homes . i feel so not in control because i wont this home its a chance to finally own my first home and i have no were to turn for help and try to find people to help me this sucks.i have two girls and a grand son that r my worls this makes me so angrey i struggled all my life helping others now that i have a chance to be free and independent and i cant even get there some one please help me i really have a chance to help my family

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i know exactly how u feel.. i am a single mother of 4 but i currently only have 2 of my children due to my situation.. My 2 youngest arent even currently with me because of family i am homeless.. i have also recently lost my job and have no vehicle. I am searching for some kind of help. Any thing that can get my children all together again and help us into a home. i left a domestic violence relationship a few years ago and u have my sympathy. if i find any thing i will make sure to let you know.

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 in response to Ms. Johnson....   Have fun reading!!!
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Ms. Johnson.
 in response to Starshine...   YOURWELCOME STARSHINE!!!
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 in response to Ms. Johnson....   THANK YOU AND GOOD LUCK TO YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN!!!
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Ms. Johnson.
 in response to Starshine...   YOU TAKE CARE TO. AND I WILL CHECK THAT OUT
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